We transform economic assets into digital assets
based on blockchain technology.

What is Tokenization?


Tokenization is understood to be the linking of the economic asset to the digital asset (token), allowing its fractional registration and immediate online transmission, with total legal certainty.

Tokenization benefits

Tokenization is the perfect ally for owners, developers and financial investors to achieve new forms of investment and financing in the sale of real assets. Thanks to the digital liquidity of tokenization, the market benefits from increased financial liquidity.


How do we do it?

Digital platform


DigitalBrockX is a digital platform that can tokenize any type of asset.

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A token is a programmable accounting unit and can represent an infinite number of things, such as a payment unit within an ecosystem, a part of a company, a vote, or a part of an asset.

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Blockchain or chain of blocks, as it is known in simplified terms, is nothing more than a distributed database that immutable and irreversible stores all transactions between members of a network.



Tokenization allows you to invest globally; Thanks to lower transaction costs, investors can access assets around the world.



Finally, we manage and provide liquidity by connecting to a secondary market.

Our services

  • At DigitalBrockX we provide you with the necessary technology to tokenize your project or asset. Convert your assets into financial products to achieve new forms of financing and thus create new forms of investment.


  • DigitalBrockX offers you the entire legal structure, we work with the best lawyers and law firms to be able to provide you with a complete service.


  • DigitalBrockX partners have more than 20 years of experience in real estate investing, entrepreneurship and technology. We believe that with the knowledge, the right technology and generating an exponential culture, we can help people achieve their financial goals.

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