Canada House

Invest in a luxury apartment next to Canada's iconic CN Tower, a high-value area located in Toronto, Canada.

The market

  • Canada is the 13th largest economy in the world , with one of the most stable housing markets.


  • The last tower on Concord City Place in Block 22, this area is highly sought after as it is in the heart of Toronto's entertainment district.


  • 2020 home sales in the greater Toronto area increased 25.1% compared to 2019 to 10,563 sales , a booming market.

The administrator

MountX will be the property manager in Canada, it is an international real estate community with a team of entrepreneurs passionate about technology and the real estate sector. MountX has more than 20 years of experience investing and developing real estate in Mexico, the United States and Canada. MountX has worked with the best companies in their fields to ensure the success of their operations with companies such as North Capital, Netki and Berkshire Hathaway in their home services division.

The opportunity

MountX has an offer to purchase the apartment at a discounted price of $ 938,000 due to the purchase prior to construction. MountX seeks to raise $ 328,000 that will be used to make the down payment on the property. It seeks to sell the apartment once it is built and before MountX is forced to pay the rest of the investment, in case the market conditions are not adequate at that time, the rest of the apartment will be paid without affecting the capital of investors. A 5-year opportunity to generate high returns thanks to the capital gain over time and the discounted price to which we have access. They gave us exclusive access in Arkangeles to 2 million pesos for our investors.

A 5-year project is estimated with an estimated ROI of 85.76% based on historical capital gains data in Toronto and the discounted price available.

You have access to the apartment at a privileged price of $ 938,000 and with a discount, it is intended to sell the property at 1,272,000 dollars.