FIBREE Blockchain Real Estate 2020 industry report.

MountX as CoRegional-chair in Mexico had the pleasure to share with you for the first time the FIBREE Industry Report in Spanish. In this report, Achim Jedelsky, President of FIBREE, commented,

Being truly sustainable in real estate How a blockchain-based approach can help blockchain-based approach can help.

With last year's FIBREE industry report we entered a white space during a very favorable time: economies were booming and new technologies were the "new kid on the block" in real estate. Now, with the second report, we have to compete with the standards we set in the previous report. And we find ourselves in an environment where blockchain is less secure than it was in 2019.

The year 2020 also brought the COVID-19 outbreak that more or less paralyzed the entire world, loved ones died, healthcare systems and economies were on the brink of collapse, and many things we take for granted one year were suddenly in doubt or out of reach. Suddenly became questionable or out of reach. We at FIBREE also wonder if we should issue this report now, or if we should wait for things to return to normal, but what is normal in these times? I am glad we stuck to our original plan and did not postpone the launch.

As far as we know, this is the new normal. Both the end of the hype and the pandemic showed us that FIBREE, as a distributed organization, is well prepared.

FIBREE, as a distributed organization, is well prepared. We are currently active in 30 countries in 73 locations with 97 active regional presidents at the core of the organization. Working together remotely was already part of our DNA.

We successfully started working groups for topics such as tokenization, property registry, unique object identifier, governance and governance, and COVID-19 response that run remotely across time zones and remotely across time zones and countries. We collaborate with associations, universities, companies, and startups around the world on all these and startups around the world on all of these topics and we share the knowledge acquired through our network. I am proud to see that

FIBREE is widely recognized as a professional and reliable organization in the field of blockchain technology for the real estate sector. technology for the real estate sector.

The continued support of our sponsors and partners and the energy and enthusiasm of our network give me great confidence that FIBREE will also be successful in the future in addressing the challenges of the new normal.

Enjoy reading this report!

Achim Jedelsky, President FIBREE.

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