MountX closes an alliance with a US fund, to give access to LATAM investors to US properties.

At MountX we want to help you create an exponential future, joining forces with the best. This 2021 will be an exceptional year of growth for everyone and at MountX we are working to make this happen. We are pleased to announce that we have formed a strategic alliance with REI Capital Growth (REICG).

REICG is a US commercial real estate investment fund. REICG is a fully integrated family of investment, advisory, brokerage, and real estate management companies.

Since 2013, REICG's core executive team has honed a distinct strategy leveraging over 90 years of experience, combined practice, and in-depth knowledge of multi-tenant shopping center acquisition and management. REICG’s executive team currently manages $30 million in assets.

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How does REI Capital Growth work?

REICG has REINVENTED how people can invest in a US commercial real estate fund. This is not a REIT! This is how the Wealthiest families in the world invest. Slow and steady, with safety and tax efficiency for cross-border investors.

"Representative sample images, not REICG properties"

REICG is offering two simultaneous securities, structured to replicate both the equity capital and acquisition debt classes. The two classes represent the total capitalization of commercial real estate when acquired.

First: The Equity offering – Ownership shares of a company growth stock.

  • Acquire stabilized commercial properties with current cash flow.

  • It accumulates and reinvests 90% of the free cash flow, acquiring additional properties, year over year, exponentially increasing the real estate portfolio – and your Equity per-share value.

  • Up to 10% of the free cash flow will be used to provide limited liquidity for equity investors, with a redemption program.

  • After 18 months tradable on Digital Exchanges

  • No US Tax Exposure for non-US investors

Second: A Debt Offering – Investment Bonds to pay you passive income.

  • REICG borrows money from you and not the banks.

  • Bond investors take the place of the mortgage debt

  • Now your Bonds have 1st lien security, instead of the banks.

  • Receive interest payments quarterly

  • After 18 months tradable on Digital Exchanges

  • No US Tax Exposure for non-US investors

REICGs offerings are both, digital financial securities (or tokens) backed by tangible cash flowing, US commercial real estate.

REICG security tokens are fully compliant with KYC * / AML * requirements and all SEC * regulations, using Blockchain that offers us great transparency and security.

At REICGs, two simultaneous token offerings are structured to replicate both capital and debt classes. The classes represent the total capitalization of the real estate when acquired.

"Representative sample images, not REICG properties"

Value offer between REI Capital and MountX.

Starting in May of this year from our MountX Real Estate Capital platform you will be able to invest in the REI Capital Growth real estate investment fund in the USA.

REICG has an investment philosophy based on the Warren Buffett model.

"Our favorite holding period is forever"

At MountX we are offering through REICG a business model that allows global investors to invest in US commercial properties using digital securities called tokens.

REICG has created a formula to grow Equity investment exponentially that we are honoured to share with our community of Latin American investors.

Adding disruptive innovation + advanced technology + the wealth-generating power of US commercial real estate results in America's first commercial real estate digital fund.

As we know, only 1% of the population has had access to this type of investment, increasing their wealth for generations. Now everyday global investors can invest the way the wealthy invest.

By working closely with REI Capital Growth, we are able to add US real estate investments to MountX's portfolio to further diversify our global investor community.

Are you interested in investing abroad and growing your capital?

At MountX we are the first financial investment platform with international real estate investments. We work with blockchain technology to make investments more secure and transparent.

Do you want to know more information? Contact us without obligation.

*Security Exchange Commission (SEC) The mission of the SEC is to protect investors; maintain fair, orderly, and efficient markets; and facilitate capital formation. The SEC strives to promote a market environment that is worthy of the public's trust.

*know your customer (KYC) It is the practice that companies carry out to verify the identity of their clients, complying with the legal requirements and the rules and regulations in force.

*Anti-money laundering (AML) refers to the laws, regulations, and procedures intended to prevent criminals from disguising illegally obtained funds as legitimate income.

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