One step closer to the democratization of real estate investments

The time has come to democratize real estate investments and at MountX we are going one step further.

We have closed an alliance with Arkangeles, an investment crowdfunding where you can invest in our international real estate investment opportunities from $ 3,000 MXN. Lowering the amounts to invest in the best international real estate developments. ¡Take advantage of this opportunity, for a limited time!

Some time ago, investments in crowdfunding were limited to people with high purchasing power, however at Arkangeles we are determined to democratize investment and under the most rigorous regulations we make available to everyone the opportunity to become angel investors of startups. -Arkangeles

Hand in hand with Arkangeles we can open up the world of Real Estate and provide you with greater accessibility so that you can invest in the most exclusive developments in Canada, the United States, and Mexico.

How does Arkangeles work?

  • Invest from $ 3,000 pesos in the company of your choice and diversify your capital.

  • They promote less than 8% of companies that apply for investment on our page so that you can diversify your portfolio.

  • They charge a single structuring commission on entry and a commission on returns on exit.

  • They invest in companies backed by various angel investors within their platform.

  • Most of their companies have been part of notable Accelerators and have recognized investors.

  • They facilitate the raising of capital. Hundreds of investors, a single shareholder in your shareholders' table.

At MountX we always seek transparency towards our investors. We have granted exclusive access to Arkangeles for a total amount of 2 million pesos so that investors like you can participate in the investment round for the acquisition of our most recent project "Canada House".

Arkangeles offers you to create an investment thesis since a professional investor always has an investment strategy or thesis. It is a way to focus your resources with greater discipline, so once you create your account, in your Arkangeles profile they allow you to create a thesis according to your investment interests, company stage, industries, and average amount so that you can build a portfolio with discipline.

Become a shareholder in this real estate development with Arkangeles.

Invest in this opportunity from $ 3,000 MXN.

Register in Arkangeles and diversify your portfolio with this great opportunity that MountX together with Arkangeles brings to you.

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