Real Estate Crowdfunding, how does it work?

Is the world of REAL ESTATE CROWDFUNDING appealing to you, but you still don't know how to get started?

Its benefits are truly extraordinary!

Despite knowing the wonders of this system, we understand that they also raise doubts and concerns, because the last thing you want is to suffer disappointment for not having informed yourself enough.

To help you make the best decision, we share useful tips for investing in real estate crowdfunding.

Let's get started!

馃敹Analyze the existing platforms:

Before making a decision, find out about their prestige and recognition in the area. It is important NOT to be impressed by incentives.

First evaluate the conditions they offer, both in the minimum and maximum investment amount, as well as profitability and guarantees.

Do not be satisfied with the information shared by the platforms either. The more information you get from different sources, the better decision you will make.

馃敹Evaluate the modalities:

For example, the FLASH sale-purchase is a real estate investment in which you acquire a home with potential at a lower price and it is purchased after having fixed it up. On the other hand, you have the RENTAL option, which generates monthly passive income.

Which of these two modalities are you interested in?

馃敹Choose the real estate project:

Analyze the characteristics of each project and the trajectory of the developer. Remember to analyze if it fits your investment capacity and your possibilities to assume the risk percentage. In this case, it will be very useful to seek the help of a real estate advisor to assess the suitability of the project.

馃敹Monitor fundraising:

Whether you get attractive or unfavorable funds, it is your responsibility to periodically monitor the progress of the fundraising process. For this purpose, the company provides you with a digital platform that allows you to know how the funding of the project is developing as well as its returns.

馃敹Analyze the progress of the project:

Once the funds are raised and the investment amount is achieved, it is important to make sure of the development of the real estate project, as the company must report all the procedures on the platform.

Now, have we clarified your picture?

As you may have noticed, to be an investor you don't need to be a millionaire or have years of experience in the sector.

And the most interesting thing.

Real estate crowdfunding will open possibilities in different projects and with simple interfaces to monitor the process and keep track of your money.

Now then...

Are you looking for an easy and safe option to invest your money in real estate?

We offer affordable options for those who wish to invest abroad.

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